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Thornhill Galleries - Stone antique fireplaces

A provider of stone and marble antique fireplaces, reproduction fireplaces and fireplace accessories with a history of one hundred and thirty years in the business.

For all of you who are passionate about history and want to have a statement piece of Victorian, Georgian, French style or other style of antique fireplace than the Thornhill Galleries is a place that will impress you and where you can find such fine artistries.

If you want to choose a marble fireplace, a stone fireplace or an iron or wood fireplace, the grand collection presented to you at the Thornhill Galleries will impress and amaze you.

You can be confident that you will find the dream like antique fireplace there and even better, if you have a certain model in mind or have a smaller place the Thornhill Galleries will assist and craft a personalized bespoke fireplace just for you.

Contact Info:

Thornhill Galleries UK Ltd

Wellington Crescent, New Malden, Greater London, KT3 3NE

T: + 44 (0) 208 949 4757 E:


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